adelaide-600 (5)Adelaide – Jestenberg Adelaide of De Liemers

Date of Birth: 25 March 2010

Jestenberg Adelaide of De Liemers Registration Papers

Jestenberg Adelaide of De Liemers HD and ED Certificate

Working Dog Profile

FB_IMG_1471805809962Adelaide is our most special girl in that she came back to us when one of our dear friends had an accident and was disabled which meant keeping Adelaide was no longer possible for her.

At my house, no dogs are allowed on the bed – EVER!  Adelaide quickly taught me that she would be the exception to that rule – so now I find myself sleeping with a Rottweiler on day before sheet changing day so that Adelaide can sleep with me – that takes quite a bit of personality – and she has me very well trained as far as that is concerned – oh well – sometimes you have to give in as well, isn’t that so?

Adelaide and Khatya are litter sisters – their father is Dexter and their mother is Jessica who belongs to Beverley in Benoni.

Adelaide is the mother of Oscar and Quest and she passed her perfect score of HDA1A1 ED00 to her son and of course we are very proud of that!

Adelaide has had a litter with Orka – which produced Oscar and Quest – and also with Quoekoe and King.  She is an exceptional mother and all her puppies are equally beautiful!